10 fun free spring crochet patterns

I can finally feel winter start to fade away as the first bulbs are starting to bloom in the garden, spring is on it’s way. Here’s 10 free springtime crochet patterns to chase away the winter blues.

free crochet spring patterns

For the home:

1. Daisy motif tea cosy by Sugar n Cream: There’s a complete set you can make for the kitchen, but I find this tea cosy particularly stunning.

Daisy teapot pattern

2. Daisy centre dishcloth by Lauren Brown: this bright and cheerful dishcloth would easily encourage me to do some spring cleaning.


3. Little Spring Mandela by Barbara Smith: add a little bit of springtime cheer to your walls with this gorgeous sunny mandela.

springtime mandela pink green yellow

4. Spring tulip flowers by HappyBerry: these are fantastic for my house as my cat eats all the flowers. Tulips are poisonous to cats, so not I can have pretty flowers and cats.

free crochet pattern tulips


5. Spring bunnies by All About Ami: The perfect alternative to easter chocolate, these bunnies are absolutely adorable.

crochet free rabbit toy pattern

6. Spring basket by Kara Gunza: get ready for an easter egg hunt with this stunning basket pattern.

Easter egg basket free crochet patern


7. Spring hat by Suvi: a simple yet gorgeous hat to make using just two different stitches

free pattern brimmed womans hat crochet

8. Daisy drawstring bag by Zelda Workman: Make 8 granny squares and turn them into this gorgeous bag, great for taking to the beach.

9. Daisy granny pin cushion from Tanya Eberhardt: Another pattern with just 8 granny squares, tiny ones this time.

10. Fairy Princess daisy crown by Rebecca Hill: simple, easy, quick and no hayfever either!

10 free


Sunflowers and a sale

Autumn flower headbandWorthy of it’s very own post, I just want to shout out a big zippadeedoodar. I’ve just sold my first headband and it’s a gorgeous orange sunflower that I made whilst sat in the sunshine yesterday. It’s a bittersweet story though as I was sat there thinking of our dear friend who has just passed away on Monday. Monday was such a grey, dingy day and then yesterday the sun was shining and it was glorious. I truely felt blessed to be alive, basking in the glow of the afternoon sun creating this gorgeous 3D flower.

Anyway, I posted the lace headband on a Facebook group and it was snapped up almost immediately. I’m so pleased that I’m making things that people want to buy and use for newborn photography props. It’s given me a real boost in confidence.

I can’t wait for the other half to come home so I can tell him all about it.

Interesting places to crochet

Yesterday a woman on a New York City subway was reported for obstructing a fellow passenger from sitting down next to her because she wanted enough room for her crochet. There’s even a video of the incident, which is highly amusing but doesn’t really give our craft a good name. You can see the video here.

This led me to thinking what are the most unusual places that you’ve crocheted, knitted or done other craft?

Spring has sprung

Only a quick one today to say that spring has finally arrived yay.

I spent Friday night starting a blanket for Little Lady’s bedroom. I’m going to be decorating it over easter when daddy takes her to visit her grandparents.


I spent an hour yesterday in our front garden pulling up the weeds ready to sow some wild flowers for the bees, pollinators and birds.

I’m also now on the hunt for children’s garden play equipment on gumtree for Little Lady to be able to play whilst we garden. She loved running up and down our long lawn yesterday whilst we sat in the sun in the late afternoon.

What have you all been up to this weekend?


I’m told that as far as social media goes you need to put yourself about a bit in order to have effective marketing. I’m still fairly clueless about how to use half the platforms, and trying to suss out what my target market for my products is at the moment probably doesn’t help.

Anyway, I’ve setup an Instagram account and would love if you came to find me over there. I’ve so far posted only a handful of images from my day but as it’s on my phone I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with it.

You can find me on instagram either from the widget in my sidebar, or by using the below button.


Do you have any hints or tips for using instagram?

WIPs Wednesday 4th March 2015

This past week I’ve been focusing on making flower headbands using cotton and mohair. I’ve also been playing with some knitted-in lace.

flower headband works in progress

At the start of the week the sun was streaming through my office, so I grabbed some cotton and found this pattern for making pansies. I attached it to a white cotton crochet chain and added a pearl bead as an embellishment. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.
Cotton and pearl blue and pink pansy tieback

Following on from the flower theme, I came up with my own pattern for creating a large sunflower. This one measures approximately 5cm in diameter and looks fabulous as an oversized flower. It’s attached to a black crochet chain to contrast against the flower.

Yellow and brown flower newborn tie back

I wanted to make something dainty to contrast against the cotton flowers I had made, so got out some of the gorgeous silk mohair yarn I’ve been working with recently and made a tiny little flower to match a pair of newborn trousers I’ve made recently.

Small flower pearl newborn posing prop

Finally, I had some knitted-in lace arrive that I had ordered the week before. After a few practices I figured out the best way to attach it to the pea bonnets I’ve been making. I love the effect, particularly as it really frames the face nicely. I’ve gone on to make these in a range of colours.

Photography props pea bonnets lace

What have you been making this past week?