WIPs Feb 16th 2015

Tuesday is my WIP day where I try to work on my big projects. I right I’d also update once a week to show my progress ..


Fibonacci raspberry ripple blanket

I’ve just finished row 30 of my double bed sized raspberry ripple fibonacci bedspread. I’m trying to do at least an inch a week, it’ll be 84″ long when I’ve finished. The pattern is my own and I’ve ordered the colours in a fibonacci sequence.


Flower granny square blanket

I’ve also got a smaller pram blanket on the go at the moment. I how to finish this in the next few days. It uses a flower block pattern I found on Ravelry.


Here’s an image I took once I’d worked out the colour placement for the blanket. I wanted it so no horizontal or vertical line had the same two coloured centres. I’ve then pieced them together so no two joined edges have the same colour either. I love maths


WIP – Sunny Granny Baby Blankets

A week or so ago my other half told me that one of our close friends is terminally ill. She went into hospital just over a month ago with suspected kidney stones, and has been given a stage 4 diagnosis for the big C. Her eldest daughter has just had a little girl in December and I felt incredibly sad for her family. Our friend has been in a lot of pain and in hospital for most of the time since her granddaughter was born, so I thought I would cheer her up by making my first granny square baby blanket for her to give to her new grandaughter.

Sunny granny square baby blanket

I had yarn leftover so I decided to make a granny stripe baby blanket in the same colours for her to keep to one side if her younger daughter ever had a baby, then both daughters would have matching blankets from their Mum.

Sunny granny square blanket

I think having recently become a mother myself, accompanied by going through having thyroid cancer in 2010, I was especially compelled to do something to help this family through such a devastating event in their lives. I’m really pleased with how the granny square blanket has turned out, and I’m excited to see the finished stripe blanket.

Both blankets are made using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm Tulip hook. The colours used are: lemon, white, silver, and sherbet.