Interesting places to crochet

Yesterday a woman on a New York City subway was reported for obstructing a fellow passenger from sitting down next to her because she wanted enough room for her crochet. There’s even a video of the incident, which is highly amusing but doesn’t really give our craft a good name. You can see the video here.

This led me to thinking what are the most unusual places that you’ve crocheted, knitted or done other craft?


Miniature Crochet

I keep looking at miniature crochet tutorials on Pinterest at the moment. Here are just a few of the many that I’ve been pinning because I love how cute they are. What do you think?

One & Two Company – [Source]

Prinzessin Design – [Source]

Creative Jewish Mom – [Source]

Little Treasures – [Source]

Daisy Cottage Designs – [Source]

Crochet flowers

Just living is not mustWe had some pretty weird weather yesterday, I think we managed to tick all the boxes

  • rain
  • sleet
  • snow
  • thunder & lightning
  • sunshine
  • hail

Is there any I’m missing?

I’m sooo fed up with this weather now that I’ve started yearning for summery things. My pinterest is starting to fill up with summer patterns and these include lots of lovely crochet flowers. I made the above pansy headband tie-back using cotton and detailed it with a pearl. What do you think? I used this pattern. I’d love to see any that you make.

Pricing Crochet

I’ve been having a conversation this morning with my sister about how to price the things we make.We both differ in our opinions. I think this is something that most people deliberate on when they first start out selling their handmade items. We tend to believe that Joe Bloggs that shops on the high street isn’t going to pay what our item and our time is worth.

I’ll give an example, I recently made a cotton crown which probably cost me about £1 to make as the pattern was free. It took me 30 minutes to complete including weaving in the ends. There are listings on Etsy selling similar items for £2.50. However, if I sold mine for that price, which is what my sister considers is fair, then I’d be making a measly £3 an hour. My initial thoughts were the crown should be priced at about £5, this took into account that I could make 2 in an hour costing me £2, however my time would be £8/hr which I thought given that I have to sit there and make the item was much more reasonable and I’d be happy with that.

Newborn cream and pink cloche with bow detail

My sister didn’t see it that way. She’s of the viewpoint that if people can buy the same item for cheaper elsewhere then why would they buy my item at £5. I’ve read several blogs on this very topic, and what they all seem to resonate is that when they rose their prices the number of sales increased. This seemed to go against logic, but then should we not be aiming our target market at those that are happy to pay for our time and not slog our guts out trying to make cheap items in mass? Does that not detract away from the beauty of handmade in the first place? What do you think?

Tutorial – joining foundation double crochet in the round

I can’t do the starting chain anymore, I have to do a foundation crochet as my first row which is a little tricky when it comes to shells and other lacework. However, I keep forgetting how to join in the round without leaving the little gap at the bottom. So I thought I’d write it down.

– Do 1 fdc less than your pattern calls for

– YO and hook into foundation chain
– pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)
– without twisting the work, insert hook into the very first chain created at the very beginning of your fdc row
– YO and pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook)
– YO pull through 2 loops twice to keep the final fdc
– slip stitch to join