New Beginnings

In August 2014 after having our first child, we bought our first property. It’s a lovely 3-bed 1950’s semi-detached on the outskirts of Bristol. Close enough to the countryside to have a nice sized garden, but still within 30 minutes of the City Centre for the hustle and bustle. From the moment I saw a photo of our house I knew it was perfect for us. The garden alone filled me with excitement as there is more than enough room for a large vegetable patch and a lovely sized workshop for my crafty ways. There’s also ample space for our two little kitties to have their own outside space, which should save us at 5am when they tend to run around the house like banshees.

Leo the bengal and Chloe the siamese

Unfortunately, having a small person means that my crafty ways are relegated to a few short hours grabbed here and there. But now that she’s a year old I’m finding I have more and more time to indulge whilst she plays with her blocks, or dolls and I sit watching her from the sofa. Plus our rather plain, magnolia house is in dire need of some soft furnishings and life to be brought into it.

Whilst she was still on the inside, in the final few weeks, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I knew nothing about yarn, tension, or in fact the different stitches. So I made a single-crochet (UK terms) blanket for the expectant baby in a Debby Bliss Cashmerino. It’s completely wonky, and now that it’s been vomited on a few times and washed several thousand, I realise that the stitch I’ve used is far too stiff for the hook size and the gorgeously soft yarn is no more *sob*

This has led me to think that I should start to write down the things I’ve learnt, particularly tutorials I’ve adapted and have a collection of patterns I love all under one umbrella. As whenever I try to search for something it takes me several hours to find it again.

So this blog is going to provide me with reference as well as hopefully helping fellow hookers.


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