Spring has sprung

Only a quick one today to say that spring has finally arrived yay.

I spent Friday night starting a blanket for Little Lady’s bedroom. I’m going to be decorating it over easter when daddy takes her to visit her grandparents.


I spent an hour yesterday in our front garden pulling up the weeds ready to sow some wild flowers for the bees, pollinators and birds.

I’m also now on the hunt for children’s garden play equipment on gumtree for Little Lady to be able to play whilst we garden. She loved running up and down our long lawn yesterday whilst we sat in the sun in the late afternoon.

What have you all been up to this weekend?


Fussy toddlers

Little lady has always been a little funny with her food. She’s now decided she won’t eat anything that’s too wet. This puts her favourite of mashed sweet potato firmly off the menu, which is a huge shame as I know how much she likes it. I’ve no idea whether it’s the texture or the taste that she’s gone off, but fussy toddlers are frustrating. She also will not let me feed her unless she’s using a spoon herself, she spoon-fed herself her entire breakfast this morning.

Anyway, to get around wasting an entire sweet potato I added the sweetcorn she’d thrown all over her highchair tray and an egg to a bowl. I mixed in the sweet potato with the leftovers and egg, then I put little dollops into a frying pan. I let it all sizzle for a few minutes before turning over to brown off the other side.

What do you know, fussy madame will eat sweet potato fritters. I have no idea why she will eat them in this form and not as they were before, but thank goodness I’ve managed to get her to eat her dinner

WIPs Feb 16th 2015

Tuesday is my WIP day where I try to work on my big projects. I right I’d also update once a week to show my progress ..


Fibonacci raspberry ripple blanket

I’ve just finished row 30 of my double bed sized raspberry ripple fibonacci bedspread. I’m trying to do at least an inch a week, it’ll be 84″ long when I’ve finished. The pattern is my own and I’ve ordered the colours in a fibonacci sequence.


Flower granny square blanket

I’ve also got a smaller pram blanket on the go at the moment. I how to finish this in the next few days. It uses a flower block pattern I found on Ravelry.


Here’s an image I took once I’d worked out the colour placement for the blanket. I wanted it so no horizontal or vertical line had the same two coloured centres. I’ve then pieced them together so no two joined edges have the same colour either. I love maths

Craft and yarn organisation

Last weekend I asked my other half if he would put a shelf above our homemade wardrobe to store my craft things all in one place.Our homemade wardrobe has so far cost us £10 as we used a 5×1 Ikea Expedit unit for shelving, our leftover curtain rod and so only had to buy the brackets for the rod to attach to the wall and unit. I love our thriftiness.

Yarn storage. Homemade wardrobe. Ikea hack

Today I’ve got on and sorted out my yarn, I’ve still got to sort a few of the boxes to the left and I’ve got another box with LOTS of tangled baby cashmerino that the cat attacked ages ago. But I’m really happy with how this has turned out. I’m totally on a yarn buying ban now and I think the other half is going to tell me so also when he gets in the door. I’m already finding it really inspirational to have my yarn all on display, it’s almost like a little work of art in itself. How do you store your yarn?

New Beginnings

In August 2014 after having our first child, we bought our first property. It’s a lovely 3-bed 1950’s semi-detached on the outskirts of Bristol. Close enough to the countryside to have a nice sized garden, but still within 30 minutes of the City Centre for the hustle and bustle. From the moment I saw a photo of our house I knew it was perfect for us. The garden alone filled me with excitement as there is more than enough room for a large vegetable patch and a lovely sized workshop for my crafty ways. There’s also ample space for our two little kitties to have their own outside space, which should save us at 5am when they tend to run around the house like banshees.

Leo the bengal and Chloe the siamese

Unfortunately, having a small person means that my crafty ways are relegated to a few short hours grabbed here and there. But now that she’s a year old I’m finding I have more and more time to indulge whilst she plays with her blocks, or dolls and I sit watching her from the sofa. Plus our rather plain, magnolia house is in dire need of some soft furnishings and life to be brought into it.

Whilst she was still on the inside, in the final few weeks, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I knew nothing about yarn, tension, or in fact the different stitches. So I made a single-crochet (UK terms) blanket for the expectant baby in a Debby Bliss Cashmerino. It’s completely wonky, and now that it’s been vomited on a few times and washed several thousand, I realise that the stitch I’ve used is far too stiff for the hook size and the gorgeously soft yarn is no more *sob*

This has led me to think that I should start to write down the things I’ve learnt, particularly tutorials I’ve adapted and have a collection of patterns I love all under one umbrella. As whenever I try to search for something it takes me several hours to find it again.

So this blog is going to provide me with reference as well as hopefully helping fellow hookers.