Strapless romper – dolls make great props

I’ve had a terrible cold for the past week which has moved to my chest and refuses to shift, this is what I get when the little lady goes to the childminders and mixes in the germ soup! She’s also been teething and cut her 3rd tooth with the 4th not far behind, so very little sleep has been had in our household.

I have however found time to work with some of the lovely mohair I’ve received in the post recently a mix of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Drops Kidsilk Unicolours. The Drops is a little fluffier than the Rowan, but they are both absolutely lovely to work with. I’m currently making a lilac bonnet to go with a pair of newborn wristlets I made this morning.

I took the little lady to buy some reins last week as she keeps running off in the supermarkets. Whilst we were in the baby shop I spotted a dolly that didn’t look too scary, my Mum has one nicknamed “Chuckie” after the horror film, and as it was on offer thought little lady might like a friend. Turns out the dolly, nicknamed Agnes or Aggie in our household, is the perfect size to model all the lovely things I’ve been making. Here she is modelling a newborn strapless romper in a delicate shell pattern. What do you think?

Newborn mohair lace strapless romper