Fussy toddlers

Little lady has always been a little funny with her food. She’s now decided she won’t eat anything that’s too wet. This puts her favourite of mashed sweet potato firmly off the menu, which is a huge shame as I know how much she likes it. I’ve no idea whether it’s the texture or the taste that she’s gone off, but fussy toddlers are frustrating. She also will not let me feed her unless she’s using a spoon herself, she spoon-fed herself her entire breakfast this morning.

Anyway, to get around wasting an entire sweet potato I added the sweetcorn she’d thrown all over her highchair tray and an egg to a bowl. I mixed in the sweet potato with the leftovers and egg, then I put little dollops into a frying pan. I let it all sizzle for a few minutes before turning over to brown off the other side.

What do you know, fussy madame will eat sweet potato fritters. I have no idea why she will eat them in this form and not as they were before, but thank goodness I’ve managed to get her to eat her dinner


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