Stop and smell the roses

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Shaftesbury – Turnbulls Deli

We took little lady to visit Nanny and Auntie Lindsey today, we met them halfway between Bournemouth and Bristol in Shaftesbury, Dorset. (I wasn’t aware that this was further for us than them at the time of arranging the journey).

We arrived around 3:30pm and my sister had already found her way to The Knitting Well for some yarn. She was very, very pleased with the Sirdar softspun DK that she picked up in a variety of colours, you can get some yourself from Black Sheep Wools. It’s a super soft nylon / wool / acrylic blend that although it’s only a 25g ball seems to be never ending, it’s meterage is 125m. My sister has already made a newborn romper from one ball with many metres leftover.

She finally came to meet us in Turnbull’s Deli, which sells a large selection of cheeses, farm produce and yummy meats. I can highly recommend the cafe, it was quaint and cosy. Although they only had booster seats for small children, no highchairs and I wouldn’t recommend it if you have lots of pushchairs as there’s not really enough room. The pink pig (pink lemonade icecream float) was delicious, as was the icecream in the banana float.

Little lady even got to stretch her legs as it was fairly quiet towards closing time. She loved toddling up and down the cafe,  looking at all the different bottles available to purchase and charming all the customers. She even managed to eat all of the banana in my banana split, having refused to eat the hummus and pita we bought her for her dinner, Mummy’s pudding was seen as a treat tsk tsk.

All in all, we had a lovely afternoon and Little Lady was so tired when we got back home, that she’s gone straight to bed without any fuss.

What have you been up to this weekend? Have you been to Shaftesbury before?

Business planning

Blog planning

Over the past few weeks I’ve really been hitting the “getting organised” button. I started in our dining room and it’s spiraled until the entire house is now fit for guests, finally (we’ve only been here 6 months).

Business planner

So I started off the day by looking on the lovely pinterest for some planning printables to organise my time a little better. I’m finding I’m procrastinating a lot at the moment and not enough progress is being made. I’ve found the following and printed them out.

Stash organisation

I also created an Excel spreadsheet and printed it off to keep track of all the different yarn and notions I have purchased. This should save me time and money in the future when I’m trying to work out whether I need to buy something new. One thing I did get a little stuck with was trying to suss out what colours of yarns I currently have available. I’m going to punch some holes in some card and tie small pieces of coloured yarn to them. This should prevent the inevitable confusion that arises months after throwing away the yarn sleeve.

Time keeping

Today I’ve had a lunchbreak and an afternoon break. I’ve been fairly efficient today as well having allocated my time in the morning I knew what I was meant to be doing at any one time, I kept social media time to just in my breaks and was more production because of it. I’m amazed how many hours can be lost to facebook and pinterest.

How do you manage your time and your business?

Crochet flowers

Just living is not mustWe had some pretty weird weather yesterday, I think we managed to tick all the boxes

  • rain
  • sleet
  • snow
  • thunder & lightning
  • sunshine
  • hail

Is there any I’m missing?

I’m sooo fed up with this weather now that I’ve started yearning for summery things. My pinterest is starting to fill up with summer patterns and these include lots of lovely crochet flowers. I made the above pansy headband tie-back using cotton and detailed it with a pearl. What do you think? I used this pattern. I’d love to see any that you make.