Tutorial – Interchangeable button on flower

I love, love, love making gorgeous little hats for my little girl, but I wanted to find a way to match them with her outfits without having to make a billion different hats. The easiest way I thought to do this is to have detachable crochet flowers that a permanent button on the hat can attach to.

Newborn flower hat with button flower

Here’s the tutorial for these lovely little flowers:

Form a magic ring and ch 1
12 sc in the ring
sl st to join
*(1 sc
4 dc
1sc) in 1st stitch
sl st in next stitch*
repeat between *’s 5 times (5 small petals)

Sl st into back post before first petal
*(1 dc
4 trc
1 dc) in next back post
sl st in next back post*repeat between *’s 5 times (5 large petals)

Fasten off and weave in tails


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